Mudances Girona it’s a family business with more than fourty years of experience behind us, always endorsed by a highly professional staff and a belief in ongoing training for their employees. Pioneer in the city of Girona, our company specializes in the field of both national and international transports of all kinds. Additionally we offer storage facilities that better suit your personal needs.

Our foundations are based in our family roots, which consolidate the continuity of our company in this second generation. This is the reason why we have the technical experience and the will to take on this business venture while we seek to provide top quality services, which need to match our own ambitions and the highest expectations of our clients.

All these years of experience have given us a unique knowledge about what involves the fact of “moving” and the consequences that this entails. The moving can be emotionally stressful and therefore, our greatest concern lies in people: we work with and for people. A well done job it’s the one which is made in a professional and way, minimizing stress and maximizing their satisfaction.

Company associated with: FEDEMAC, CETM, AMC, Fedem, Transcalit i A.S.E. Trans Girona.

Please do not hesitate to contact us and ask for a no-obligation request for quote.